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The Discussion about Google Music Desktop Player

Google Music Desktop Player makes it easy to find out countless songs, instantly, from the device.
With All Access, you can enjoy unlimited listening to millions of songs, create custom radio and skip as much as you want. Start your free 30-day trial and then only pay $9.99 a month.

All Access Features

Enjoy unlimited music

there is a world of music ready that you should discover. Listen to any song, album or artist on All Access, whenever you want. It is incredibly easy to locate new favorites. Explore countless songs by genre, including charts, new releases, staff picks and smart recommendations according to your likes. Add any album for your library, with a click or perhaps a touch, and listen offline or online.

Custom radio with unlimited skips
Create a new station according to any artist, album or song. Explore the entire listing of songs inside your station, skip ahead, see what is next, re-order the songs any way you like and make stations using newly discovered songs. Add these new songs to a playlist provide them with a “thumbs up” or tell friends. You may also enjoy stations that blend the very best of your music library and ours.

Store your collection, free

Mention to 20,000 songs from your computer to Google Play free with Music Manager. It is a simple desktop application that scans your iTunes® library or any music folder on your computer and matches your collection with what’s on the internet Play, instantly adding the matched tracks to your music library. If you have music that is unavailable on Google Play, Music Manager will upload it too. Once you have added your collection, you can listen instantly on Android, your iPhone and the web. Join Standard or All Access
Google Play keeps your music library updated automatically across devices. When you purchase a brand new album in your phone, it is ready for listening in your tablet. When you upload a song from your computer, it is there in your phone. Whether you find new music on Google Play or add it from your existing library, it is available across all your devices. You will never have to plug in a cable to transfer music again.

Listen offline or online

whenever you add audio for your Google Play music library, it is instantly available for listening on Android and the web. In addition, if you are likely to be offline, say on the long flight or a subway commute, you can choose music to keep in your device using the Google Be a musician app.

Share that which you love

does not keep good music to yourself. Share a very free play from the songs and albums you have purchased on the internet have fun with your pals on Google+. They are able to share their purchases along with you too.
Additional features include a mini player window, Last.FM scribbling, song progress in the taskbar and keyboard music controls (which in turn did not work with my Microsoft keyboard). There are no plans for any MacOS version now, since Mr. Gil is really a Windows-only person. A high level dedicated Google Music user and a PC person as well; you owe it to you to ultimately do this one out.Visit to,

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